New Books

Desert God

Author: Wilbur Smith


Length: 432 p.


Publisher: HarperCollins

Mistletoe on Main Street

Author: Olivia Miles


Length: 400 p.


Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

A Dream of Home

Author: Amy Clipston


Length: 320 p.


Publisher: Zondervan

Citizens Creek

Author: Lalita Tademy


Length: 432 p.


Publisher: Atria Books

Shopaholic to the Stars

Author: Sophie Kinsella


Length: 496 p.


Publisher: Random House

Flesh and Blood

Author: Patricia Daniels Cornwell


Length: 384 p.


Publisher: HarperCollins

Wyoming Strong

Author: Diana Palmer


Length: 336 p.


Publisher: Harlequin

Mr. Miracle

Author: Debbie Macomber


Length: 272 p.


Publisher: Random House

Gray Mountain

Author: John Grisham


Length: 384 p.


Publisher: Knopf Doubleday

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Author: Rita Mae Brown


Length: 304 p.


Publisher: Random House Publishing